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what's g-pass
GPASS LOGO Government Performance ASSured Companies (G-PASS)
G-PASS involves companies that have been acknowledged for their technical skills and reliability by PPS KOREA through domestic government procurement, and possess the potential for competitive export in foreign nations.
They professionally manufacture products necessary in government procurements, and as of 2015, there are currently 261 companies have been selected.

G-PASS Company application requirements and designation period
Among the small to medium-sized companies registered as eligible for competitive bidding on KONEPS(Korea Online E-Procurement System), the companies that have had a contract with a public institute or a delivery record within the last three years will be selected after undergoing an investigation of their equipment and site conditions, a review of their document by a panel of committee members, and a final testing by the contract evaluation committee.

G-PASS company authentication term of validity: 3 Years (extendable once for up to 2 years)
Application limits: illegitimate dealers with sanction terminations below 10,000, bankrupt companies, companies applying with false information, companies that fail to pay, etc

The technology and quality of G-PASS products are completely assured by PPS.

G-PASS companies are equipped with excellent technologies and human resources for new business partners abroad.

Just check the list of G-PASS companies, and contact them.
Qualified Korean firms are ready and waiting to start a new business with you.


PQ List
Company Product Web Site
Do-a Industrial Co., Ltd. soundproof wall www.do-a.co.kr
Je-il Indurstry Co.,Ltd. guadrail http://www.grcouncil.com/
Iido Industry Co., Ltd. Rane seperator
YOO CHANG STEEL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD road safety features www.yoochang.net
dasan guardrail
PQ List
Korea Traditional Handcraft Products
Company Product Web Site
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PQ List
Information & Technology
Company Product Web Site
Shindong Digitech Co., Ltd. Maritime Satellite Communication, Marine Meteorological Buoy www.shindong.com
Naravision Co., Ltd. S/W Development and Providing, IT Consulting nara.co.kr
Jinmyung I&C Co., Ltd. Electric sound amplifier sets, Combined microphone/speaker sets, IP Camera WWW.JMAV.COM
HITRON SYSTEMS INC. CCTV, security camera http://www.hitron.co.kr
MICRONIC SYSTEM. CO Broadcasting system
Ah Joo Engineering Co., Ltd. SCADA System
Twowinscom Co., Ltd. CCTV, Peripheral devices http://www.twowins.com
KeumSung Security Co., Ltd CCTV SYSTEM www.kssecurity.co.kr
TOPES Co., Ltd. CCTV SYSTEM www.topes.com
KEVIC Inc. Sound , video, Broadcasting equipment www.kevic.com
SONGAM SYSCOM CO. optical transmission www.songam.co.kr
KARAK Electronics Co., Ltd. Broadcasting equipment www.karak.co.kr
Hive System video wall www.hivesystem.co.kr
Dongkwang Electronics Co., Ltd. Public address system, Sound masking system www.dket.co.kr
Image & Information Co.,Ltd. CCTV www.cctv.co.kr
DK Vascom Co., Ltd. Wired/wireless microphone system www.dkvascom.co.kr
G-Net System Co., Ltd. Car Drivers Recorder www.gnetsystem.com
Hanyang Electronics Ind. Co.,Ltd Wired/Wireless Conference System www.hayaco.com
Secuinfo Co., LTD NVR www.secuinfo.co.kr
JOOYON TECH CO., LTD. Desktop Computer, Notebook, Monitor www.jooyon.co.kr
Hancom, Inc. Office software www.hancom.com
sentec CCTV www.sentec.co.kr
CYBERTEL BRIDGE Co.,Ltd LTE terminal www.cybertelbridge.co.kr
WONWOOENGINEERING CO.,LTD CCTV Camera http://www.wonwoo.com
RexGen Co., Ltd. Smart traffic control system and software http://www.rexgen.co.kr
Mopiens, Inc. DVOR www.mopiens.com
Hongseok video monitoring system
TAEYOUNG INFORMATION Surveillance camera www.tycctv.co.kr
Inpeg Vision Co., Ltd. Parking Management System www.inpeg.co.kr
SEO Co., LTD video monitoring system www.seoitv.com
Infranics Co., Ltd. Business IT countinuity solution www.infranics.com
NEXPASYSTEM CO., LTD. Parking guidance (control) system http://www.nexpa.co.kr
NY COMPUTER CO.,LTD. Desktop Computer, Monitor www.nycomputer.co.kr
THUNDER TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Speaker, Power AMP, DSP, MIC, Public Address system www.thunderspeaker.com
CATIS INC. All Security Monitoring & Control http://www.catis.biz
GENTOP Co.,Ltd. CCTV, Parking & Access Control, Automatic Control, LED Display, Renewable Energy www.gentop.co.kr
LEOTEK Smart metering system, Network monitoring system www.leotek.co.kr
Dlogixs Co., Ltd. Broadcasting device www.dlogixs.com
HYUN MING Co., Ltd Video surveillance device, Security camera
POSOD VIDEO RECORDER www.posod.co.kr
Hansung Co., Ltd. laptop www.hansungcom.co.kr
M&G ENT. Co., Ltd. Tablet PC www.twokey.co.kr
Hanwith Information Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacture of Computer, Supply of software development, Cloud Virtualization Solution www.hanwith.com
JD-Media Co., Ltd. broadcasting system http://www.jd-media.co.kr
GF TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Targetry Equipment and Tactical Training System gftgft.com
DOOWON ELECTRONICS & TELECOM Co., Ltd. CCTV, Access Control System, Light Emitting Diode etc. www.doowoninc.com
DAEHAN SENSOR Co., Ltd. Level sensors or transmitters WWW.DH34.COM
Tae Jung Co.,Ltd CCTV support tje4999@hanmail.net
NOWSYSTEM Co., Ltd. Broadcasting&Sound equipment, HD All In One System www.now-sys.co.kr
NESANDTEC CO.,LTD. Drone system www.nesnt.com
NDS Solutions Co., Ltd. Digital Signage Solution www.netds.net
ZENOSYS video monitoring system www.zenosys.co.kr
Usys Co.,Ltd Smart PoE www.u-sys.kr
U2NG Access control system
Inprontiv Mini PC www.oktetra.com
Demand Application
SAI Technologies CCTV www.saicorp.kr
B1-image Co., Ltd. License Plate Recognition System http://www.b1-image.co.kr
sysmate DID www.sysmate.co.kr
Human ICT Co., Ltd AI Video Analysis Solution www.hictc.com
Koolsign Co., Ltd. Digital Signage www.koolsign.net
ESCA Co., Ltd. Security cameras www.escacctv.com
BR INFO TECH CO., LTD. CCTV Camera www.brinfo.co.kr
All-In-One Korea Co., Ltd. broadcasting equipment
GawooTechnics Co.,Ltd CCTV
FSNETWORKS Co., Ltd Speed Dome Camera www.fsnetworks.co.kr
CreativeNet Co., Ltd. Video surveillance device
GV Korea Co., Ltd. wireless remote controlled digital broadcasting device http://www.gv-korea.com
DuDu Information Technologies, Inc. cyber security response training system
MMP Co.,Ltd. VR Contents www.360view.co.kr
AM Telecom Co,.Ltd. IoT Module
PINTEL Co., Ltd. video surveillance installations www.pintel.co.kr
Nuribom.co., ltd Electronic board http://nuribom.com/
Traworks Co., Ltd. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System https://www.traworks.com
SYMPHONY IMAGING Co., Ltd. No glasses 3D Display,Transparent Display,Transparent 3D Display WWW.SYMPHONYIMAGING.COM
Global Bridge Co.,Ltd. Skybridge SB-100 http://globalbridge.co.kr
NEXUSTECH wireless telecommunication equipment www.nexustech.or.kr
iGIS drone solution www.igis.co.kr
GENPRO amplifier
GSIL Smart Construcion Safety Management System
BTS Co., Ltd. CCTV, NVR http://www.btscctv.co.kr
MaaSFarm Co., Ltd. Cloud-based cultivation logic control solution http://www.maasfarm.com
TRUWIN Company Limited Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor www.truwin.co.kr
lsignature Co.,Ltd. Industrial wireless sensor www.l-signature.co.kr
QUANTUMGATE INC. Traffic accident alert system www.quantumgate.co.kr
PQ List
Company Product Web Site
BOKUK ELECTRIC IND. CO., LTD. generator bokuk@bokuk.co.kr
bumil Solar power system
AMP co.,ltd. Broadcasting system
TreeM Co., Ltd. computer, workstation www.treem.co.kr
ELTIS Lighting Co., Ltd. LED Lighting www.e-ltis.co.kr
Youngkook Electronics Co., Ltd. PAS(Panoramic Auto-tracking Speed Dome Camera) www.youngkook.com
MALTANI CORPORATION Recessed lighting http://www.maltani.co.kr/
Techwin System Co., Ltd. SCADA DCS www.techwins.com
Samik Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. LED electronic display www.samikdisplay.co.kr
kdpower.co.Ltd. Solar PV System www.kdpower.co.kr
YOUYANG AIRPORT LIGHTING EQUIPMENT INC. aviation light www.youyang.co.kr
Shinsungeng Fan Filter Unit http://www.shinsung.co.kr/kor/index.htm
G·ON Co., Ltd. nonpoint source pollution reduction facility www.gonkorea.com
Sdsystem Co., Ltd. ITS www.sdsystem.co.kr
Samkwang Industrial & Electric Co., Ltd. Solar Energy, LED Luminare www.samkie.co.kr
Duri Electric & Instruments Co., Ltd. Distribution box www.duri21.co.kr
Woosung LED Lighting Co., Ltd. Manufacture of Fixture woosungled.com
ACOM ENERGE CO. LTD solar power system www.acoml.co.kr
Sammyung Tech Co., Ltd. ECO Electric Floor Heating System www.smtgoods.com
YOUHO ELECTRIC IND. Co., Ltd. Distribution Panel, Monitoring and Control Panel youho.co.kr
JHENERGY Co., Ltd. solar power plants www.jh-e.co.kr
Korea Electric Research Engineering Construction Co.,Ltd Distribution board http://www.kerec.co.kr
Hi MAX Co., Ltd. Fire Alarm Control Panel www.himax119.co.kr
Seoul Tech CO., LTD. Electronic Display Board www.seouldisplay.com
Suntech Co., Ltd. Generator set http://www.sun-tech.co.kr
Paru Co., Ltd. Solar Generator www.paru.co.kr
cho yang Security device for Instrumentation control system
JK-Eengineering Co.,Ltd Photovoltaic power generators http://www.jkengco.com/
Sorak Electric Co., Ltd. Switchgear
Seojeon Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Switchgear, Motor Control Center, Distribution Panel, Seismic Switchgear
DONG BANG ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. Distribution Transformer, Load Break Switch, Switchgear www.dbeco.co.kr
SOLUX.CO.LTD LED light fixture www.solux.co.kr
KUMKANGENERTECH LED lighting fixture www.kket.co.kr
LED Lighting www.gvcorp.co.kr
Eastpower Co., Ltd. Diesel Generator eastpower.co.kr
SEOKWANG LIGHTING CO. LED Lighting www.intolux.co.kr
jungyangind.Co.,Ltd Solar generator, Solar panel
Best Technology Co., Ltd. Switchgear bestec2000.co.kr
MIRACLE IND. Co., Ltd. LED lighting www.miracleits.com
Signtelecom Co., Ltd. LED Display System www.signtelecom.com
JinWoo Eltec co., ltd LED FLOODLIGHT http://sports-lighting.co.kr
ORASYSTEM Co., Ltd. Electronic Led Display www.orasystem.co.kr
ABM Co., Ltd. Building Integrated Photovoltaic(BIPV), Smart String Switching(SSS) Photovoltaic www.abmarch.co.kr
GUNGI CO,.LTD Auto lift lighting system www.gungi.co.kr
Sungjin General Electric Co., Ltd. Transformer www.sjtr.co.kr
HYUN-JIN LED lighting www.hjlighting.co.kr
TAE-WOONG ENS CO., LTD. Photovoltaic System
SAM WON C and G CO., LTD Building Automation System www.samwonc.com
E&H Co., Ltd. Photovoltaic Power System www.eandh.co.kr
MK CO,Ltd. Marine electronic equipment www.mkworld.net
you young electric,co distribution board
JK RST CO.,LTD. Distribution panel www.JKRST.COM
UHWAN CO.,LTD LEDlight www.uhwan.net
Feelux Co., Ltd. LED Lighting http://www.feelux.com
MAT Co.,Ltd. Lighting control unit www.iplug.com
JUIN INFORMATION SYSTEM CO,.LTD HMI package www.jisystem.com
SCL LED Flushed Light www.scl210.co.kr
APACK,INC LED lighting www.apack.net
MIMILIGHTING LED Light www.mimilighting.co.kr
Daijin Electric Co., Ltd. Switch Board www.daijinelec.com
PHOS LIGHTING Co., Ltd. LED indoor light www.phos24.co.kr
SEO PYUNG TECH.CO.,LTD desktop computer www.seopyung.co.kr
GABOTECH Co., Ltd. lighting control system www.gabotech.com
shinho engineering Photovoltaic Power System http://shinhoeng.kr
Reel Tech Co., Ltd. Remote Lighting Lifter www.reeltech.co.kr
saekwang lighting co.ltd industrial lighting fixture www.sklighting.com
LIGHT WORLD Co., Ltd. Solar power Streetlight www.lightworld.kr
MIRAE Electrical Mfg.co.,Ltd automatic control panel, Switchgear and Contrlagear
Enertech Co., Ltd. Power Distribution Transformers www.enerkeeper.com
Sunil Elecomm Co., Ltd. Lighting equipment and luminaires www.ezled.co.kr
COMTEL-SIGN Co., Ltd. LED Display www.comtel-sign.com
IS INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICS. CO.,LTD Switchboard www.isiec.co.kr
Daeeun Co., Ltd. Solar power system
Hana Lux Co., Ltd LED lighting
SUNRAY Co., Ltd. LED lighting fixtures www.sunray0715.co.kr
Juwang Industrial distributing board
Kumho ENG Co., Ltd. led light
KC DESIGN CO.,LTD LED Street Light www.kcdesign.co.kr
koled LED lighting fixture www.koled.kr
J-Lighting Co.,Ltd. LED streetlight
Space Power co.,LTD. Switchboard www.jungwooelc.co.kr
magnatech LED street light www.magnatech.co.kr
MyoungShin LED FLOODLIGHT www.mselect.co.kr
E-TECH Co., Ltd. Induction lamp lighting, LED Lighting etechkorea.com
Daesung IDS Co., Ltd. Elevator www.dsids.com
INNOCEM KOREA Co., Ltd. LED Lighting www.innocem.co.kr
CS Technology Co., Ltd. LED Lighting www.cstechw.com
SANGRIM ENG CO.,LTD. Automatic control device
Samjin Electric Industry Corp. HIGH MAST POLE www.samjineic.co.kr
EPEL Co., Ltd. Smart light system www.epelkorea.co.kr
HUMANLITECH Co., Ltd. LED lighting http://www.humanlitech.com/
Comtree inc. physical network partition dual PC, desktop, mini PC, monitor www.comtree.kr
Nteksystem Co., LTD Power Quality meter www.nteksys.com
RedStone System.co,LTD Computer www.rstone.co.kr
Mi Kwang En Tech LED Lighting
HANGILHC CO.,LDT. IOT acoustic signal www.handicare.co.kr
Dae-Gyoung Industrial Electronics Co., Ltd. Distribution Panel, Photovoltaic System dgsj.co.kr
ENERPIA Co., Ltd. Electric Floor Heating Products www.enerpia.co.kr
BUGANG E&S Co., LTD. connection board bugangens.co.kr
GA Co., Ltd. LED Fixture www.galed.co.kr
Nurion.CO.,LTD LED Light www.nuri-on.com
RICHLUX Co., Ltd. LED Lamp www.리치룩스.kr
LEDIX CO.,Ltd LED Lighting www.ledix.co.kr
Segang Engineering Co., Ltd. Switchboard
Sangwon Engineering Co., Ltd. A Switchgear Panel with Automatic fire extinguishing appliance by heat bursting tube
HANJIN TECH CO., LTD. Electric Floor Heating System www.electo282.com
FineTechnix Co., Ltd. LED Light, Mobile Phone Part www.finetechnix.com
The Good Life Co., Ltd. LED fixture www.tgllight.com
KN CO.,LTD Distribution panel
Solarluce Co., Ltd. LED lighting www.solarluce.com
SEMYUNG ENC solar power system
DIGITAL KOREA CO.,LTD Solar power system www.poard.co.kr
HYUNDAI S.W.D INDUSTRY CO.,LTD photovoltaic power generators www.hdswd.co.kr
BlueScience Co., Ltd. LED Lighting fixtures www.bluescience.co.kr
LINET LED lighting equipment www.linet.co.kr
KGTECH Co.,Ltd. LED STREET LIGHT http://www.kgtech1.com
Jung Won Lighting Pole Street light http://jungwonlp.com
L&B Technology Co., Ltd. Digital Public Address System & AV System www.lnbtech.kr
VISIONTECH, INC LED Lighting http://www.v-t.co.kr
Kimin Electronic Co., Ltd. LED Flat Panel Light Fixture, LED Tube, Linear Lighting, Downlights, LED TV www.kme21.com
Apex Intec Co., Ltd. LED Lighting www.apexint.co.kr
SAMJINLND. Co., Ltd. LED Lighting,OA DEV.Peripherals,LCD/TV Components www.samjinled.co.kr
Vision Information & Communication Corp. cctv CAMERA http://vision119.com
DONGEIECOS CO., LTD. Solar inverter http://www.dongeiecos.com
Semi-Lighting Co., Ltd. LED Lighting www.semi-lighting.com
SAMSUNG POWERTECH CO.,LTD Switchgear 삼성파워텍.kr
SUNGJIN HITEC Co., Ltd. LED Flood-lighting(LED Sports Lighting) www.sjhitec.co.kr
Backsan L&T Co., Ltd LED Street Light www.bs-led.net
Mijienertech Co., Ltd. Solar Street Light www.mijienertech.co.kr
Onsutech Co., Ltd. Electric Water Heater www.onsutech.co.kr
Osang Material And Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. LED street light/security light www.osico.co.kr
Kidong Co.,Ltd. LED ROAD STOP SIGN www.kdntech.co.kr
WOO KWANG TECH.CO., LED street light wktech.kr
GWANG MYUNG LIGHT CO.,LTD Electric lighting
KUM KYEONG Lighting Co., Ltd. LED Lighting Fixtures www.kkled.co.kr
Hyun System Automatic.co.ltd Instrument control system
Anyon.Co.,Ltd billboard www.qsignled.com
NGP Co., Ltd. Solar Photovoltaic System, LED Lightings, Switchboard http://www.ngp.kr
SENG Solar Power System
SUNWOO ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. Distributing board, Panel board http://sunwooelec.co.kr/
Hyunda ENG Co.,Ltd LED lighting www.hyundaeng.co.kr
KEMSCO Photovoltaic System http://kemsco.kr
GNI Tech Co., Ltd. Solar LED Traffic Safety Lighting www.gnitec.com
Icepipe Corp. LED Lamp www.icepipeled.com
LASERLIGHTING Co., Ltd. LED Indoorlight www.laserlighting.co.kr
X LUMI Co., Ltd. LED Street Light www.xlumi.co.kr
SUNGJU COMTECH Co.,Ltd. Network Separation Dual PC www.sungju.com
CHUNIL Co.,Ltd. Light tower, LED lighting www.ichunil.com
DK LIGHT.CO.,LTD. LED fixtures www.dklux.co.kr
NEOMARU Co., Ltd. LED lights http://www.neomaru.co.kr
Innodep Inc. CCTV www.innodep.co.kr
Ecopowertec Co., Ltd. Distribution panel http://www.ecopo.kr
legen LED light fixture
Orora Industry Lighting Co., Ltd. LED STREET LIGHT http://www.cjorora.co.kr
DAEUN L&C co.Ltd LED Lighting
SOLARECO INCORPORATED Street Light http://www.solareco.kr
EKOS. Co., Ltd. PV Inverter, ESS PCS www.ekos.co.kr
Green IT Korea CCTV Camera http://www.greenitkr.com/
HANBIT LIGHTING Co., Ltd. .LED Lighting Fixtures http://www.hanbitlighting.com
changsung c&l co.,ltd LED street light www.cscnl.co.kr
D&Glighteck Co., Ltd. Lighting fixtures http://www.dnglighteck.com
miresolar led LED Indoorlight
S&B Lighting Co., Ltd. LED LIGHT www.snblighting.co.kr
KLD Co., Ltd. LEDdisplay, Video display configuration, Variable Message www.kldc.co.kr
win world co.,ltd. Control board winworld.kr
Makers Technology co. ltd 3D Printer www.makerstec.com
ELLEN Street light fixtures
KUMKANG TRANSFORMER Co. Transformer http://kktr.co
VITSRO co.,ltd. LED street light www.solarled.co.kr
Hyundai IT Co., Ltd. monitor, Digital Signage] www.hdit.co.kr
TEES CO.,LTD Uninterruptible Power Unit www.teesups.com
LISANTECH Lightiing Controller www.lisantech.com
KEYSTONE ENERGY CO.,LTD. Solar junction box
PNE Systems Co., Ltd. Electric vehicle charger WWW.PNESYS.CO.KR
Cotek Energy Solar Panel www.cotek.co.kr
T1LS Co.,Ltd. desktop computer www.t1ls.com
ES-SOLAR Co., Ltd. Solar power generator http://www.essolar.co.kr/
BK Technology Co., Ltd. LED lamp www.vitaminled.com
WON KWANG S&T Co.,Ltd. Solar Generator www.wksnt.com
SDLIGHTING Street light
HWASHIN KOREA Co., Ltd. Indoor and Outdoor Industrial LED Lights, LED Drivers
ESTECH Co., Ltd. Photo Voltaic system www.sstpv.kr
KYUNG SUNG TECH Power equipment
EasyLite Corporation MagicPlate www.easylite.kr
TAESEOK P&I CO., LTD. LEDlighting www.taeseok.co.kr
aceled LEd Lighting www.aceled.kr
WINTEX distribution panel
B&M Co.,Ltd Solar power station
X-Beam Tech Co.,Ltd. Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connector www.xbeamtech.co.kr
QL Co ltd LED Jector qlql.co.kr
STLIGHT Street Light
NGL Co., Ltd LED lighting www.ledngl.com
Power Plus.Co., Ltd power supply unit
Korea Aviation Light Co.,Ltd LED AVIATION OBSTRUCTION LIGHT www.kalkorea.com
Enustech., Inc. Wireless Remote Monitoring Control System, Street Light Auto Control Unit http://www.enus.co.kr
BA energy Co., Ltd. Energy Saving system http://babm.co.kr/
light_on Indoor LED lighting fixtures
woori lighting LED tunnel lighting fixtures, LED street lighting fixtures
GreenTech Solar generator
onnuri Energy Storage System
LUZ TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. LED Lighting Fixtures
HANA C&S LED lighting
ChungsanPL co.,ltd. Traffic light pole
IPAL Solar generator
ASTRONIX LS CO., LTD LED fixtures www.astronixls.com
PQ List
Machinery Equipment
Company Product Web Site
JUNGSAN Bolt, nut www.jungsan.com
Dongjin Industrial M/C Co. Contaminant Disposer www.dongjineco.com
MOONCHANG CO.,LTD septic tank www.moonwt.com
DAEWON GSI Co., Ltd. color sorter www.daewon.com
GYEBAEK MOTORS CO.,LTD. Dust Cleaning car gbsm.co.kr
Royal Precision Industry Co., Ltd sludge dewatering equipment www.korearoyal.com
Gwanghee Engineering Co., Ltd. Gate, Hoist, Gate, Hoist, Automatic falling down floodgate, Trash
OTS. Co., Ltd. CCTV Lifting Unit http://www.ots.co.kr
Jain Technology Co., Ltd. Ultrasonic flowmeter www.jain.co.kr
Kanglim Co., Ltd. Crane http://www.kanglim.com
VOGO Co., Ltd. Submersibles, Diver Propulsion Device, Aluminum www.vogoeng.com
YES01, Youngil Education System Co., Ltd. Automotive Traning Equipment www.yes01.co.kr
Darae ParkTech, Inc. Vehicle recognizer www.daraeparktech.com
BUCHER SCHOERLING KOREA Co., Ltd. Road cleaning car www.buchermunicipal.co.kr
DAE SUNG KITCHEN Co., Ltd. Rice Cooker www.대성주방.kr
Songsan Special Elevators Co., Ltd. Elevators and Escalators www.songsan.co.kr
Shinjin Precision Industrial. Co., Ltd. Resilient seated Gate valve, Butterfly Valve
SUNKYUNG INDUSTRY UV Sterilizer, Baby bottle sterilizer www.sun-kyung.co.kr
Kaesun Sports Co., Ltd. Indoor exercise equipment www.kaesun.com
Enertork Ltd. Actuator www.enertork.com
HEPHZIBAH CO.,LTD. portable airconditoner www.airrex.co.kr
DS Water ECO-Friendly Water Meter dswater@nate.com
SEJIN SMC CO., LTD. SMC Water tank www.sejinsmc.co.kr
S&H Engineering Co., Ltd. Air conditioner www.snheng.kr
DAEYOON SCALE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. water quality analyzing unit dymeter.com
D&S Technology roadblock www.dnst.co.kr
JEIO TECH CO., LTD Oven www.jeiotech.com
jinwoo industrial Tolling system
WILO Pumps Ltd. Pump www.wilo.co.kr
Hanguk.Co. stainless gate valves www.hangukco.co.kr
Hansamkora Co., Ltd. Water tank, Automatic chlorine injector www.hansamkora.co.kr
GAIA Corp. Food Waste Drying Machine www.gaia21.co.kr
CIMON Co., Ltd. Power Distribution Automation Termina http://www.cimon.co.kr
UNION COMMUNITY Co., Ltd. fingerprint sensor www.unioncomm.co.kr
anyteksys certificate kiosk www.anytek.com
Korea Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd. sprinkler
International Electric Co., Ltd. Transformer http://www.ieckr.com
Daeyoung Power Pump Co., Ltd. Centrifugal Pump www.dypump.co.kr
Daeyeong E&B Co., Ltd. commercial refrigeration
AR Co., Ltd. Precision Air Conditioner, HVAC Products http://www.arp.co.kr
Rinas Daesung co.,ltd. Commercial Oven www.rinasds.co.kr
SHINHAN PRECISION CO.,LTD. Gas and water meter
HAN JIN PUMP CO.,LTD Submersible Pump www.hanjinpump.com
SAMSUNG MEASURY.CO Water meter www.ssmi.co.kr
SEEONE CO.,LTD. deodorization equipment, desulfurization equipment www.see1.co.kr
Servan Co., Ltd. air conditioning unit www.servan.co.kr
Oxus Co., Ltd. Oxygen Concentrator www.oxus.co.kr
itsroom Motor Safety Relay
daeshinmc,co.ltd Vacuum suction mat www.daeshinmc.co.kr
D&D Electronics Co., Ltd. NaOClean(electrolyzed disinfectant generator) www.naoclean.com
WooRiGiSul Co., Ltd. water flow measuring unit www.woorigisul.com
hantec Passenger Elevator www.한테크승강기.com
DAWONSYS Co., Ltd. Rectifire, Rolling Stock www.dawonsys.com
cendori air circulator
AIRPASS CO.,LTD Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV)
Korea Water Technology Electro-Osmosis dehydration Dryer www.koreawt.com
DOOCH CO.,LTD. booster pump system www.doochpump.com
O-Sung Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Switchboard, Automatic Transfer Switch www.osemco.com
IZ-FOG Fogging Machine www.foggers.co.kr
FINE MOTORS CO., LTD Special equipment vehicle www.finemotor.co.kr
PASECO Co., Ltd. oil-filled heater, built-in home appliances www.paseco.co.kr
SungShin Electric Co., Ltd. Uninterruptible Power Supply http://www.isseco.com
PRIME CO.LTD Commercial Dishwasher www.primewash.com
Jinhaeng Waterway Co., Ltd. Physical Ion Water Treatment Conditioner http://www.waterway.kr
AM Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. roll packer www.amsv.co.kr
DIP Co., Ltd. Food Garbage Disposal Machine http://www.dipkorea.co.kr
Donghwa Entec Co., Ltd. heat exchanger www.dh.co.kr
KSP Co., Ltd. Water Purifier, Drinking Fountain www.i-ksp.co.kr
Design Park Development Co., Ltd. outdoor exercise facility www.designpark.or.kr
PNC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. relay http://www.pnctech.co.kr
HumanAir Tech Corporation Air Conditioner www.humanair.co.kr
Entra Co., Ltd. Cyrillic instrument www.dsht95.com
NAWOOEL CO,. LTD. Industrial dehumidifier www.nawooel.com
SeoHeong Bicycle Rack Co., Ltd. Functional bicycle storage unit www.shcy.co.kr
Flowtech Co., Ltd. water hammering prevention equipment www.flowtech21.co.kr
REENTEC ENGINEERING CORP. Air Drying System www.reentec.com
WELTEM CO., LTD. Industrial air conditioners, Oil heater www.weltem.com
SINSANE Co., Ltd. Solar collector
A-INTEC CO., LTD. cable tray, wastedisposal unit a-intec.com
JOYFUL FUTURE Co., Ltd. Liquid deicers, Snow or ice melter
TSK Co., Ltd. combi steam oven, rice cooker, ultraviolet sterilizer www.TSKF.kr
DRAX INC. Fitness equipment www.draxfit.com
HANA ENERTECH Energy Recovery Ventilation System www.hanaenk.com
HANSONIC Dish washer www.hansonic.com
GOOTZ Co., Ltd. water purifier www.gootz.co.kr
PTK Co., Ltd. Rotary Tablet Press,Tablet Coater,Auto Capsule Filler,High Speed Mixer,Fluid Bed System www.ptk4u..com
hanjin heavy industries and construction Landing Platform Helicopter, Offshore Patrol Vessel www.hanjinsc.com
POSTcube Co., Ltd. Automatic Postal Service System www.postcube.kr
Teltron Inc. Sensor www.teltron.com
ILWOL Precision Co.,Ltd food waste disposal unit illw1793@naver.com
GREEN TECH. co.,LTD single suction pump
SM Tech Co., Ltd. Water Shock Prevention Facility www.waterhammer.co.kr
chungsanlt A light pole www.chungsanlt.co.kr
ALT Co.,Ltd Lighting equipment www.altek21.com
HanSung Industry pump www.hansunghi.com
CONPOTECH Food Waste Volume-Rate System http://www.conpo.kr
JINWOO SMC CO., LTD Aerial work platform, Remote control nozzle fire trucks www.jinwoosmc.com
EUNSUNG CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. Air circulator www.eunsung-ch.com
GMS Co., Ltd. Blood Bank Refrigeratot , Pharmaceutical Refrigerator www.gsmedical.co.kr
POWER KOREA Co.Ltd. Diesel power generator www.powerk.co.kr
TAEYOUNG E&T CO.,LTD. Ionized water generator www.tyent.co.kr
HIMPEL Ventilation www.himpel.co.kr
Safe Queestle Co., Ltd. gas timer cock www.queestle.com
Eggtec Co., Ltd. Automatic Egg Grading & Packing Equipment www.eggtec.com
Shinjeong Development Co., LTD. vehicle for sweeping steet www.sjmotor.com
Bumin w & p food waste disposal unit www.bmwp.co.kr
KYTECK Co.Ltd road safety facility
D-Eco Energy Co., Ltd. Diesel Generator www.d-eco.kr
SUNMEDITEC CO., LTD Wireless digital stethoscope www.sunmeditec.com
DONG KWANG NANO TECH carbon heater dknanotech.com/
Musun Techwin Co.,Ltd special function lantern www.musun2002.co.kr
HYCLOR CO.,LTD On-Site Generator www.hyclor.com
DAWONINDUSTRIAL.CO.,LTD crusher www.dawonin.net
C&L Corporation. Thermoelectric Air Conditioner www.coolnlight.com
AT&C www.atnc.kr
APCTEC CO.,LTD Air purifier
WOOLEESYSTEM LED Street light, LED Security light www.wooleesystem.com
SUNG JIN centrifugal concentrator www.sjeco.com
COAD Co., Ltd. SPEED DOOR www.coaddoor.com
GRAND WOOSUNG Inc. Refrigerators, Display case, Fryers www.woosunginc.co.kr
NAROTEK, Inc. LED tunnel luminaires, LED flood-lighting luminaires www.narotekinc.com
Pitchcable Inc. Carbon Heating Bench
PoongSungIndus co., Ltd. Solar Generator www.psindus.com
ondollife Foot warmer www.ondollife.com
infobiotech Medicines refrigerator www.infobiotech.co.kr
Chungho Precision Co., Ltd. Water meter
TNEKorea Turbo Blower www.tnekorea.com
ALLSWELL Co., Ltd. Ventilation and Air Cleaning System for Cold Rolling Process www.alls-well.co.kr
RNS Co.,Ltd. commercial cooker www.rnsk.co.kr
TL Industry Co., Ltd. Practice badminton www.tl-industry.co.kr
DNT Co.,Ltd. sweeping cleaner www.hulab.kr
ECO ENG Co.,Ltd. Ventilation system
PUSHPULL SYSTEM CO.,LTD digital door lock www.babalock.com
CUCKOO HOMESYS Water purifier www.cuckoo.co.kr
LAMEDITECH laser collector http://www.lameditech.com
SILVER ELEVATOR KOREA lift www.silverelkorea.com
PURIUM Smart Safe Quarantine Gate www.purium.kr
Mune Co., Ltd Automatic Needle Destroyer https://munecorp.com/
ALTOCHEM CO., LTD. casting tape, splint www.altochem.com
DAE SUNG porter bee escate
WIS Co.,Ltd Automatic extinguishing ashtray http://ecowis.co.kr
Apulse Technology Co., Ltd RFID Reader www.apulsetech.com
JEONGHAN INFRA Co.,Ltd. food waste disposal unit http://jhinfra.kr
Window Korea Co., Ltd. Curtain wall
STR-SOLUTION Co., Ltd. Air sterilizer www.strsolution.co.kr
PQ List
Science & Medical
Company Product Web Site
DAI WHA CORP medical pump www.daiwha.com
INSUNG MEDICAL CO., LTD IV-SET, Chemo Port www.insungmedical.co.kr
MEDIANA Co., Ltd. Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, AED, Manual Defibrillator www.mediana.co.kr
CHC LAB Co., Ltd. Lab Furniture / Fume Hood / Clean Bench www.chclab.com
Inbody Co., Ltd. Inbody www.inbody.com
OMAX Co., Ltd. microscope www.omax.co.kr
Young IN Chromass Co., Ltd. Chromatograph www.youngincm.com
Macrogen Inc, Ltd. Smart Mobile Lab www.macrogen.com
CU Medical Systems, Inc. Defibrillator www.cu911.com
RADIAN Corporation AED http://www.radian.co.kr
Hansung Medical Co., Ltd. High pressure steam sterilizer www.hsm01.com
RENOSEM low temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer www.renosem.com
HAINS CO.,LTD Sterilizer www.hains.kr
Best CPR, Inc CPR mannequin www.aed.kr
BNR bladeless trocar http://vaxcon.com
Ezmedicom Co.,Ltd IT Solution www.ezmedicom.com
CANCERROP Covid-19 diagnostic kit www.cancerrop.com
kazamaent Medical equipment http://kazamaent.koreasme.com
NANOBIOSYS Molecular diagnosis www.micobiomed.com
Bistos Co., Ltd. Patient monitor http://www.bistos.co.kr
AB Medical, Inc. Blood collecting tubes http://www.abmedical.co.kr
ITI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Smart Healthcare Systems www.smb21.com
Marpe Co., Ltd. Medical device http://www.marpe2000.com
PaxGenBio Co., Ltd. COVID-19 RT-PCR Kit www.paxgenbio.com
ASKO CO., LTD. Portable Negative Air Machine
Dot Incorporation Braille Smart Watch 'Dot Watch' http://www.dotincorp.com
REMEDI Portable X-ray camera
Bioall Biosafety Cabinet
Plan Zero Co.,Ltd MASK(Protective Dust MASK)
Hulab Co., Ltd. FUME HUDE
BM tech Walk-through booth www.bmtech21c.co.kr
NEXONE BIO CO., LTD. Bone Cement Injection Needle
Theragen Bio Co., Ltd Genetic Analysis Data
Coremovement co., ltd. Electrical Muscle Stimulation www.coremovement.co.kr
PQ List
Office Supplies & Education
Company Product Web Site
World Furniture Co., Ltd. Office Furniture http://www.wouldfurni.com
Hanaro OA Furniture table
Kitchen Mate Co., Ltd. kitchen utensil
SINDOH Co., Ltd. MultiFunction Printer, 3D Printer, Laser Printer, FAX www.sindoh.com
Atec Co., Ltd. PC, Computer peripherals products www.atec.kr
HK Co., Ltd. Kitchen Equipment www.hkk.co.kr
Hanshin Enterprise CO,. LTD Comercial Gas Rice Cooker http://www.hanshinfood.co.kr
DUOBACK Co., Ltd. Office Chair www.duoback.co.kr
DAESHIN Kitchen Equipment www.totalkitchen.co.kr
Woodmetal Co., Ltd. Office Furniture www.woodmetal.co.kr
Daejin Kostal Co., Ltd. paper shredder www.djkostal.co.kr
AHA INC Co., Ltd. Electronic board www.ahatouch.com
Samin Science Co., Ltd. Lab Table, Hood saminsci.com
Yhahoung Metals Co., Ltd. Furniture www.yhahoung.co.kr
HYESUNG MFG. Co., Ltd. stadium seat www.soleno.co.kr
Amosains Furniture Co., Ltd. Office Furniture www.amosains.com
Genesis Co., Ltd. OFFICE SYSTEM FURNITURE www.i-genesis.co.kr
SAM KWANG IND. Co., Ltd. Fixed Connection Chair
seoul kangchul Steel Furniture www.seoulmf.co.kr
C.World Co., Ltd. Office chair www.cworld21.com
Hanyoo System Co., Ltd. Stadium Seating and etc. www.hanyoo.co.kr
Seo Kwang Co., Ltd. Remanufactured toner catridge http://www.skrecycle.com
EXA E&C Inc. Demountable Partition, Clean Room www.exaenc.com
Totem Co., Ltd. Roker, Desk www.totem.kr
Office Angunsa Co., Ltd. Office furniture
HUCOS Co.Ltd office furniture ihucos.co.kr
COMBUSTECH Co., Ltd. electronic board www.combusgolbal.com
DAEWOOLUCOMS Co., Ltd. computer, Monitor https://www.lucoms.com
MIRAE IND Student desks and chairs, movable stool table
Daewoo Furniture Co., Ltd. Lecture Tables, Beds, Student Desk & Chair www.dwfurnis.com
DAE-WON MOBILE RACK CO.LTD Mobile rack, Boltless rack, Locker http://www.mobile-rack.co.kr
KWANG IL CHAIR office chairs kichair.co.kr
Patra Co., Ltd. Task Chair & Conference Chair www.patrakorea.com
Hwashin Kitchen IND. Co., Ltd. Gas kettle www.hwashin-kitchen.co.kr
Camfursline Co., Ltd. Seminar Table www.camfurs.com
Pacom Korea, Inc. Printed publications www.gopacom.com
Winos Co., Corp. Office Furniture
Hankuk Prime Co., Ltd. Office Furniture
Youngjin Angle Co., Ltd. Angle/ Middle Weight Shelving/ Light Weight Shelving
SinA furniture www.sinafurniture.com
GS Chair Co., Ltd. Office Chair, Sofa www.gschair.com
CHAIRO Co., Ltd. Office Furniture, Office Chair www.chairo.co.kr
Chairplus Co. Functional chair www.chairplus.com
Woori OA Furniture Co., Ltd. Desk, Cabinet
Nara Nfurs Co., Ltd. Office Furniture http://www.nfurs.co.kr
SKLMS Co., Ltd. Relic preservation storage www.sklms.com
PLANMAX Co., Ltd. Office Furniture http://www.planmax.kr
Pyunghwa Office Furniture Co., Ltd. Desk, SofaTable
geumgang mobile rack MOVING SHELVES http://www.kumsys.com
Fomers Co., Ltd. Office Furniture www.fomers.co.kr
mtech Computer http://mcompc.co.kr
Una. Co., Ltd. medicine cabinet www.saferack.co.kr
YOUFUNI Outdoor tables www.youfuni.co.kr
Hansungnex Co., Ltd. Office Furniture www.hs-nex.co.kr
NURICON Co., Ltd. ViewFlex www.nuricon.co.kr
TriGem Computer Inc. Desktop computer, Notebook computer http://www.trigem.co.kr/
Anyche Limited Office chair
CLOVER FUNITURE Co., Ltd. OA Furniture www.cloveroa.co.kr
DANAWA COMPUTER Co., Ltd. Desktop PC, LED Monitor http://www.danawacomputer.com
Daewon Sublimation Transfer Paper www.bannerbox.co.kr
EUROFORM Sofa, Steel Office furniture
ainsonc Co., Ltd Office Chair www.ainschair.co.kr
SMART IN DIGITAL Desktop PC www.smartindigital.com
EMTEKINC PC www.emtekinc.co.kr
Korea Education System Co., Ltd. rideon toys http://www.co-block.com
PKLNS.CO.,LTD Electronic board www.pklns.com
OIC KOREA CO.,LTD Monitor http://oickorea.com/
withus computer Computer withuspc.com
HKSYSTEM personal computer www.k-cop.kr
ILJIN SEATING CO., LTD. stadium seat
GU Electronics Co., Ltd. Document shredder, Coating machine
TeamWorks Office Wooden Furniture
N-SEATING CO., LTD Telescopic Seating www.nseating.com
DS Furniture Office furniture, School furniture
tootem design Furniture
WM CO.,Ltd. office furniture
MERAIN CO., LTD. Metal 3D Printer www.merain.kr
Kirin Inc. desktop computer kinrincomputer.com
SEONG WON.CO.LTD Office furniture
SEDOLEE CO., LTD. Paper Shredder www.sedolee.com
IAN ROAD First aid outfit machine
PQ List
Company Product Web Site
Torch Co., Ltd. Furniture www.torch.co.kr
NEOFURS Co., Ltd. Office furniture www.neofurs.co.kr
KOAS Co., Ltd. Office furniture www.ikoas.com
KEUM SUNG BED Co., Ltd. Mattress, bed www.ksbed.co.kr
BESTUHL CO., LTD. Office Chairs
Onect Co., Ltd. office furniture , educationl school furniture www.onect.net
Young Nam Steel Furniture Inc. Furniture
STOZ Co., Ltd. Office Furniture -
Gentice Co., Ltd. BED MATTRESS gentice.co.kr
Chair Meister Co., Ltd. Office chair www.chairmeister.com
ShinYangCNS Co., Ltd. Stadium chair
MIDONG CHAIR Office chair. Sliding system www.midong-chair.com
kieyoungformax Chair www.formaxchair.co.kr
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Measurement & Analysis
Company Product Web Site
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PQ List
Chemicals,Rubber & Plastic
Company Product Web Site
Daedong Safety Co., Ltd. Thermoplastic Pre-formed Road Marking Tape
Taihan Textile Co., Ltd. textile fabric www.thtc.co.kr
Kukbo Science Co., Ltd. Pecticide www.kukboscience.co.kr
JANGSAN CM Co., Ltd. Waterproofing material www.altong.co.kr
SNF Korea Polyacrylamide www.snfkorea.kr
Korea Paramount Inc. bentonite waterproof stuff www.kpara.com
JS CHEM Corporation. Paint www.jschem.co.kr
YUCHEON ENVIRO CO.,LTD. Fiber Discfilter www.yucheon.co.kr
HANCOM LIFECARE INC. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Heat Proximity Clothing www.hancomlifecare.com
DONG BANG IND.CO.,LTD Soap www.dongbangbnh.com
DaeHwaPaint Mfg Co., Ltd. Road Marking Paint www.dhpaint.com
Kalim Environment Co., Ltd. Soil conditioner www.biogro.co.kr
Hansol Chemical Co.,Ltd Poly Aluminum Hydroxy
SHINGI ENTERPRISE bed soil www.shingi.kr
Welcron CO.,LTD high functional fabric http://www.welcon.com
BOGWANG I&T Co., Ltd. Textiles http://www.bogwangint.com
HYUNDAIPIPE.CO,.LTD. Polyethylene Water Supply Pipe
Noroo Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd. Paint, Resin www.noroo.co.kr
EcoBizNet Inc. Organic fertilizer http://www.ecobiznet.com
hanearl science Ltd Agricultural pesticide www.hescience.co.kr
UPC LTD. breathable paper www.upc.co.kr
RexVa Co., Ltd. Heating Film www.rexva.co.kr
JEONJINBIO Co., Ltd. Bird Repellent jjbio.co.kr
technobio Fuel additive www.technobio.co.kr
Donho R&D Co., Ltd. stair tread http://www.donhornd.com/
MTECHSTS CO.,Ltd Industrial Safety Goods http://www.mtechsts.com
IANGEOTEC CO.,LTD. Geotextile www.ianmat.com
DAEMYUNG CONSTECH Co., Ltd. Inorganic Waterproof Coatings dmcst.com
DH textile running shirt, drawers
INTECH Co., Ltd. Mask
vision undershirt
SEES GLOBAL INC. Gloves http://www.seesglobal.com
Joeun Company.,CO.LTD. Poly Memethyl Metha Acrylate www.jecompany.co.kr
HWAJIN INDUSTRY Stretch film www.hwajinkorea.com
seung jin tech line co.,ltd. Wood deck
FIREKIM Co.,Ltd. Fire extinguish system www.firekim.co.kr
kumwon international. co. ltd Cosmetics www.hotplshop.com
GEON YOUNG CLEAN TECH CO.,LTD Mask www.gyct.co.kr
SCHAFFENGOTT CO.,LTD AI Smart extinguisher
HappyLife.Co.,Ltd. KF Mask
Shammah Pharm Hand sanitizer www.sammapharm.com
SAUBER CO., LTD. Hand sanitizing wipes http://www.sauber.kr
NON Corp Sterilization and deodorization product www.drclo.com
Rangcompany Mask
STEK.CO.,LTD. Plastic film
kus corporation Mask
IAN HealthCare KF94 mask http://www.ianmask.co.kr/
STEMKO co., ltd Garment Machine www.stemko.co.kr
YDinternational Co..Ltd LED Lantern
REVIRESCO CO., LTD. Cosmetics https://www.skinmdlab.com/
SAEHWA IMC. Co.,Ltd. Mask www.saehwaimc.com
The N.B.P Cosmetics www.thenbp.co.kr
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Automobiles & Transportation
Company Product Web Site
HLOGISTICS Co., Ltd. Certificate of International Forwarding Business www.hlogixs.com
PQ List
Material & Part
Company Product Web Site
ILWOO IND CO.,LTD PVC water pipe www.ilwooind.co.kr
Esco RTS Co., Ltd. POT/Elastomeric/EQS/EPI Bearing www.enrtech.co.kr
MS CO.,LTD Rigid polyvinyl chloride tube, PE pipe www.msgr.co.kr
greenpipe incorporated PE Sewage pipe www.greenpipe.kr
OLYMPIA Co., Ltd. urethane http://olympiasports.kr
EYE CAP KOREA Insulation Tube
PQ List
Building & Construction
Company Product Web Site
Sungshin Rolling Stock Technology Limited Railway Vehicle www.ssrst.com
KYUNG JIN INDUSTRIAL CO. Butterfly valve www.kjvalve.com
SIN SUNG CONTROL Co., Ltd. Valve www.sinsungv.kr
DongYangE&C ALUMINUM WINDOWS www.dyz-in.co.kr
Hasuh Industries Corporation Pump Gate www.hasuh.co.kr
UnionCT Inc. Traffic signal pole www.mycts.co.kr
DAE LIM GUN YOUNG elastic packaging material
Handok Elevator Co., Ltd. Elevator http://www.hdlift.co.kr
New Green Chang Shin Co,.LTD Landscape fence www.newgreen.kr
hansoleme Environment Plant www.hansoleme.co.kr
Re-New System Co., Ltd. construction(waterproofing materials) www.re-new.co.kr
KWM Industries Inc. Electrical, Communications, Power Plant, Fire Protection Contractor www.kwmind.com
TAEHWAENG.CO.,LTD. Cable Tray www.theng.co.kr
SUNGWON SAFETY Anti falling network
GLOWINS Co., Ltd. Manufacture of Metal Window
MIJOO METAL CO., LTD. Bridge Rails www.mijoo.co.kr
BUHEUNG SYSTEM Steel-Laminated elastomeric bea rings for bridge WWW.BHSYSTEM.CO.KR
kwang won industrial co., ltd. Developed Shear reinforcing Rubber Bearing www.bridgekw.com
SHINDO INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. Crash Cushion System http://www.moosago.com
KC RIVERTECH CO Stone Net http://www.rivertech.co.kr
SEOWON Co., Ltd. Construction, Manufacture of Plastic Bars, Pipes, Tubes and Hoses seowonco.com
JEONGDO INDUSTRY CO,. LTD guardrail www.jdind.kr
KUMKANG CO. LTD., wire mesh www.kumkangnet.co.kr
MP Tech Corporation Bridge expansion joint www.mp21korea.com
BUSEONG Synthetic Wood
DAEHAN Corrugated Steel Pipes Co., Ltd corrugated steel pipes
KukDong Co.,Ltd. Fence www.goodstick.co.kr
Sam Han C1 clay brick http://www.ebrick.co.kr
hyosung insulator curtain wall window www.hyosung1994.com
DONGSUNG Enterprise Co., Ltd. Metallic Window www.dsuaw.com
kumsan Window & Door
Gurgwang Co., Ltd. PVC-AL Insulated Windows http://www.gurgwang.com
SAMJUNG DCP INC. Shock resistant PVC water pipe www.dcpi.co.kr
Dongwon Plastics Inc. PE PIPE www.dongwonpl.co.kr
MIRAE CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. polyethylene pipe http://www.mrspipe.com
AJIN SAN UP Aluminium Window
oryong construction co., LTD. Window frame
Sungil Ltd. aluminum sash window
Ansan Engineering Co., Ltd. Window frame
Samjin Precision Co., Ltd. valve samjinvalve.com
POLYTEC Co., Ltd. polyethylene valve, polyethylene e/f fitting www.polytec.co.kr
Korea Wisco co., Ltd awning koreawisco.com
Biryong CHC Co., Ltd. Aluminium alloy window
YUJIN system Co., Ltd. Double insulation curtain wall http://www.ys7.co.kr/
Nature & Environment co.,Ltd. Concrete Block www.e-nne.co.kr
HANYANG N.T Co., Ltd. Star Green PolyVA Sheet http://www.waterproof.co.kr
Hanseo Precision Meter Co., Ltd. Water meter www.hsmeter.com
SIMON CO., LTD HDPE PIPE www.esimon.co.kr
Travis Elevator Company Co., Ltd. elevator www.st21.co.kr
shinwoo ind.co.,ltd PVC water pipe www.shinwoopipe.co.kr
JIJU PE Floating Type Structure www.jiju.co.kr
SUNGIL TECHONE Co., Ltd. Stainless Watertank simc.co.kr
KUPP Co., Ltd. PE PIPE www.kupp.co.kr
Korea Street Tree Conservation Co, Ltd Tree Grates www.urbansys.co.kr
seoho eco top Concrete interlocking blocks www.seohoblock.co.kr
DONG YANG E&C Co., LTD. Building auto control, Electricity & light control http/www.bestdyc.com
hanmac windows & doors co.ltd Metal stud http://hanmacwindow.com
Jihye-Safety Co paint for marking of pavement, slip-resistant pavement
kyung nam industrial development Metal Window
Jonghap Manhole Co. Cast Iron Manhole Cover www.manholes.co.kr
Art Chem Co. Ltd. Block art-chem.co.kr
DONG HO Metal Window and Door
KUK JE ELECTRIC MFG. Co.,LTD. Power Conversion System www.kjups.com
tae young gang gun co.ltd Metal Panel
KUKJE ST Co., Ltd. Bridge Rail http://kukjest.com/
HANGIL INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd Guard rail www.hgroad.co.kr
kum gang chang ho gi gong Metal window www.ludens-w.co.kr
POSTECH. CO. LTD. welding machine http://www.pos-tech.com
bookook metal window
HUKSIN CO.LTD. Floating platform Http://www.huksin5948.co.kr
SHINSUNG CONTROL Co., Ltd. Road Facility Products www.sscontrol.co.kr
CLEANTEC flooring material www.clean-tec.kr
EX-SOLAR CO.,LTD. solar power system http://www.ex-solar.com
JS ENG Co.LTD Metal Panel
PERFECT Co., LTD PVC water supply pipe WWW.perfectmh.co.kr
YOUNG NAM IND.CO.,LTD Corrugated Steel Pipe yncsp.com
Wonjin Aluminium Co., Ltd. Door and window http://www.won-jin.net
DONGKUK CERAMIC CO.LTD Ceramic Brick www.ksbrick.co.kr
TongMyung Stone co. Natural stone flagstone www.tongdol.co.kr
WOONGJIN ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd bridge Expansion Joint System
ILYANG IND. Co., Ltd. Geogrid www.totogrid.co.kr
Archipace synthetic wood
Alumizone Co., Ltd. Bridge rail
dongil.conc Concrete block
WAPS Co., Ltd synthetic wood www.waps-korea.com
Kumgang Paver co.,Ltd urethane resin www.kgpaver.com
케이에스씨산업.co.,ltd Partition WWW.K-STEEL.CO.KR
SONUSYS Co., Ltd. Aluminium Window www.sonusys.co.kr
Nam Jung Co., Ltd. PE dual, multi wall pipe
JINHYUNG Construction Co.,Ltd expansion joint equipment http://www.jhsys.co.kr
HANKOOK F&A CO., LTD. Construction materials
COSMO I&D Co., Ltd. Electrofusion fitting, Ball valve www.cosmoind.com
Dae-a Pump Co., Ltd. Industrial Centrifugal pump
KGPCC Co,Ltd Sheet-type flooring material www.kgpcc.com
NEXT Co., Ltd. Float www.nextmarina.com
DONGWOO PLASTIC HDPE Pipe www.dwplastic.co.kr
HanLim Lodex co.,Ltd Concrete Block www.lodex.co.kr
YOUYOUNG CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. High-Impact water & sewage PVC pipe www.bestpvc.com
Saewoo Mesh Industry wire mesh seawoomesh@co.kr
WORLD CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd polyethylene pipe www.okunion.co.kr
MYOUNG JIN CO.LTD Guard-rail http://www.myungjin.kr/
tooin traffic safety mark
dongsu Aluminum Window
Do Keon ENG. Co., Ltd. Operation beam
UNISON ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. Anti-vibration spring
taeha system windows aluminum sash
Joeun Deco Metal sound absorption seiling www.joeundeco.com
hyundaecm co,.ltd clay brick www.hyundaecm.co.kr
USECHEM Urethane Chip Binder www.usechem.co.kr
Yong JIN Metal Window
THE-WOOD synthetic wood deck www.the-wood.co.kr
SEJONG E&C Ground Anchor
Jokangfod Co., Ltd. overhead door http://jokangfod.co.kr
INSUNGENPLA Co., Ltd. engineering plastics www.insungenpla.co.kr
Shinwoo Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Fancoil Unit http://www.shinwoofcu.co.kr
milaeplus synthetic resins window
Solariver Photovoltaic System www.solariver.com
Tiochem Corporation ceramic coating materials, ceramic resin paint tiochem.com
JISEO Industrial co.,ltd. floodgate, movable weir 지서.한국
daemyung co.,ltd Aluminum Panel
Jumbo Industry Co., Ltd. Aluminum Windows, Composite Windows www.jbwindow.net
VISIONCERAMIC CO.LTD. Clay Bricks www.visionceramic.or.kr
DAROM Co., Ltd. Reflective type soundproofing plate d-glass.net
incheonjungkong guardrail
hyndai cubicle Toilet Cubicle www.hdc200.co.kr
Co., Ltd. Oksanstone Building stones
n2hitech Synthetic wood www.n2hitech.co.kr
DAEWON INDUSTRY PE pipe www.dwpipe.net
BOKJU Co., Ltd. septic tank www.bokju.com
TECHEN Co., Ltd. LED Luminares http://techen.co.kr
(company)samjungbr Ceramic Brick
greenconcrete.co.ltd Concrete Block
SUNGWON ENC Co., Ltd. Gurdrail
hallachemical Polyurea Water Proof Material
HYUNDAI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. Corrugated, Corrugated cable duct
MST CO.,Ltd wood deck www.masterwood.co.kr
Eunwoo Industry PP-Sheet Lining
HUIN CO., LTD Design fence
SHINCHANG INDUSTRIAL Aluminium doors and windows http://www.worldwindow.co.kr/
wooju industry Concrete block 세굴방지블럭.com
Mirae Industry Co., Ltd. the material of construction, water supply, manhole (stormwater, sewage), Grease trap
HIEO Inc. membrane structure www.hieo.co.kr
Hana Tech Co., Ltd. Prefabricated Membrane Structures www.hanamfs.com
GNC Stucture On SEA
IDA metal windows http://www.idawindow.co.kr
FDC Co., Ltd. rupture disc www.finedisc.co.kr
Sindo co., ltd. metal window
mirae Metal Window
gisan Steel Grating www.gisan.kr
Blue Ocean Tech co,.Ltd Marina, Offshore Floating Structure www.blueoceantech.co.kr
KREcoone.co.,ltd High Heat Treated Wood www.krecoone.co.kr
TESTONIC Airmax clean mat www.testonic.co.kr
new eco combination window sash www.necw.co.kr
Bluekostec Industry Inc. INDUSTRIAL DOOR www.bluekostec.com
anywood.co.ltd Synthetic wood deck
Ceramic Eco-Business Road Architecture Co.,Ltd. clay brick www.ceraco.kr
Gobee Co., Ltd. PVC Pipe http://www.ab3p.com
HANKOOKSUAN Stormwater DetentionTank http://www.hksuan.co
DOOSUNGECO cement block
HIPER WINDOW Co., Ltd. metal window www.hiperwindow.com
Co.,Ltd. Namkyung Estec Synthetic wood http://www.nkestec.co.kr
yu geon aluminum INC. Aluminum Window
LED POWER Co., Ltd. LED Lighting www.ledpower.co.kr
KINKI TEC KOREA Co., Ltd. ALUMINUM WINDOWS http://kinteko.co.kr
MS-ROAD Co. , Ltd) iron guardrail
daehan housing container
JINWOO ENC Metal Window
Gwang Woon Tech Co., Ltd. cable tray cover, underground cable cover, Fire partitioning cover http://gw-t.com
SONGWONENG CO., LTD. Landscape Architecture, Deck
SW Road Safety Co., Ltd. Guardrail, road median strip, Bridge rail http://www.swdoro.com
TKR Insulation curtain wall
hwangdeung stone co.ltd Building stones
M5 CO.,LTD road sign www.mfive.co.kr
JAEYOUNG CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. Leum, Pet, PVC Flooring www.jflor.co.kr
DAON CO., LTD. membrane structure
sungwon valve gate valve
sinseongcompany Metal window, Metal door
KANG WON PIPE IND.CO.LTD HDPE Pipe www.kwpipe.co.kr
GSK CO., LTD. Artificial Turf Filler www.gdfill.kr
taekwangsuji polyethylene pipe (내선1번)
DTEC Inc. aluminium ship www.dtec.co.kr
BY Construction & Trading Co., Ltd. handrail system, balustrade www.bycnt.com
khwc Window & Door
UNIQUE SYSTEM metal window
cheonil fittings
FUNSCAPE. CO.,LTD. Synthetic grass http://www.funscape.co.kr
Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd 보행매트 http://www.ht-wood.co.kr
wizsports co.,Ltd artificial turf www.ewiz.kr
Hundae M&S Inc Membrane Structure
SAMKANG M&T Co.,Ltd Offshore Wind Lower Structure www.sam-kang.com
INECO Inc. Construction blocks www.in-eco.co.kr
ANSEN Co., Ltd. waterproof sheet www.ansenpp.com
Nature Co., Ltd. Eco friendly board
Haesol Industry guardrail www.haesolind.com
Dong Yang Special Wood Corporation Louver
GaNa ENG panel
JUNG HEE Co.,Ltd. septic tank
GASCO hardware guardrail
BILAND CO.,LTD Eco-friendly artificial turf www.biland.kr
hankook STS Water tank
(ju)F/L tech Metal Window
KOREA SIGNAL CO LED illuminating sign
Young Nam Window Co.,Ltd window frame
HAYOUNG SMC lnc. SMC watertank
GagyoungE&C Co., Ltd Aluminum Panel
Gaeun.co.,Ltd. Toilet Partition
JNT Non-combustible, Antibacterial Metal Ceiling
Mujin CO., Ltd Earthquake Resistant Lightweight steel frame www.mujinapt.com
KIST Co. Grating Fixture Pin www.kistvj.co.kr
polyethylene pipe
BioCrete.Co.,Ltd. floor pavement www.biocrete.co.kr
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Environmental Service
Company Product Web Site
samsin Co., Ltd Soundproofing board
Fixon Inc. Corrugated steel pipe www.fixoninc.com
Keumjeon Industrial Co., Ltd. Water gate, Hoist http://keumjeon.com
HOPEYOUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. Flood Gate, Drainage Pump
DUKSAN ENG & MFG Co., Ltd. Rotary Type Dust Removing Machine 원심탈수기.한국
TIGER Membrane structrue www.tiger.co.kr
Hydronet Co., Ltd. Groundwater Monitoring Equipment www.hydronet.co.kr
KoreaTimber Co., Ltd Flooring Board www.koreatimber.com
HYUNDAE VALVE Co., Ltd. Butterfly Valves http://www.hdvalve.co.kr
DAEKYOUNG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Bridge Bearings / Expansion Joints www.dkinfra.co.kr
Chongwoo Nature Co., Ltd. Eco-Lake System www.cnature.co.kr
DONG-AST Co., Ltd. membrane Structure www.dast21.com
Segye Cast Iron Co., Ltd. SHOCK ABSORBER TYPE SAFETYLOCKING MANHOLE COVER http://www.caston.kr
Golee Co., Ltd. PVC High-impact Pipe for Water http://www.goleepipe.co.kr
KSI Ltd. Safety Roller/Guardrail
SAMWON HEAVY INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. Survey & Research Vessel, High Speed Patrol Boat www.samwonship.com
Kyeongwon Aluminium Co., Ltd. High Performance insulated windows
Weltech Co., Ltd. Coated Steel Pipe www.weltech3lp.co.kr
Nuvotec. co.,Ltd PVC Pipe www.nuvotec.co.kr
Green woojeon Co., Ltd. Vehicle Crash-Cushion Products www.wjrs.co.kr
Seokwang MFG. Co., Ltd. Butterfly Valves
Daegun C&L Laying-type elastic packaging material http://www.daegun21.net
Fieldturf S.M. Co., Ltd. Artificial turf http://koreafield.co.kr
KumKang Co., Ltd. STS Water Tank, PES Pipe & Fittings www.ststank.com
PLACO.,LTD. PE Pipe www.placo.kr
DAELIMPLATIC CO., LTD polyethylene sewer pipe www.pipeway.co.kr
One Industries Design pole(Concrete pole) www.onegiup.com
Corporation goodworld Sewage treatment facility, FRP septic tank www.joeuns.kr
DSL Co., Ltd. Bridge Bearing, Expansion Joint www.bridgedsl.com
Shinhwa. Co., Ltd. Guard Rail, Fence
ncwon Co., Ltd Concrete Block for Sidewalk and Road www.ncwon.com
Macroad Co., Ltd. Bridge bearing, Expansion joint, Soundproof wall, Guard rail, Air purifier, Non point source treatme www.macroad.co.kr
daewangsteel corrugated steel pipe
Plubber Co., Ltd. Roll Sheet, Rubber Block & Mat, EPDM Chip www.plubber.co.kr
bosungpolytech co.,ltd.,. PE Pipe www.bstpipe.co.kr
ENFRESH CO Special purpose container www.enfresh.net
DOORI GRP Water Tanks http://www.multank.co.kr/
PPI PIPE CO., LTD PVC Pipe & Fitting www.ppinet.co.kr
DAEWON GREEN Co., Ltd. Artificial Turf daewongreen.com
Kumdong Ganggeon Co., Ltd. Guard Rail / Falling Rocks Hedge www.kdkk.co.kr
Kinam Metal Co., Ltd. Manhole Cover http://www.kinam.co.kr
ALTech Co., Ltd. FOSS(Fiber Optic&Solar powered traffic Sign-board) www.al-tech.co.kr
Kumryoung Co., Ltd. Artificial Grass Filling www.goldfill.kr
Bon Wood Co., Ltd. Wood Plastic Composite(WPC), Handrail design http://www.wpcbonwood.com
SAMSUNGLAND.,LTD. Pergola www.samsung-land.co.kr
WONTAEC plastic pipe
imseong Co. .Ltd deck road imseong.co.kr
K&B JUNWOO KOREAN TURF Eco-friendly Artificial Turf www.kbjunwoo.com
Earth Green Korea Co., Ltd. Street tree protection plate www.earthgreen.co.kr
Daeiltec Co., Ltd. Concrete Paver, Permeable Concrete Block
MurimCon.co.ltd. Shore/Wall concrete block
Decopave Co., Ltd. Pavement Block, Sidewalk Block www.decopave.co.kr
Clean Filtec Co., Ltd. AIR FILTER http://www.cfiltec.com/
Kyung Dong Industry Co., Ltd. Synthetic wood www.yestimber.com
Hyundai Hitech Anti-slip packaging material
ETI LTD. Road Barrier, Rolling Barrier System
INOS.Co.,Ltd deck road www.kinos.kr
YH Co.,Ltd. lane separator
GLOBALSTEC Corp. road safety equipment http://www.globalstec.co.kr
KJ&C.,Ltd Quick clip module
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Company Product Web Site
Treksta Inc. Outdoor Footwear , Clothing , Accessories, Military boots www.treksta.co.kr
aztechwb wool www.aztechwb.co.kr
ROSIKOREA CO.,LTD Bags www.airportbag.co.kr
E4NET.CO.LTD Translation service www.e4net.net
HANWOONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. textile products http://www.hw-kr.com
NANOIT Corporate Message Service nanoit.kr
Ever Green CO.,LTD Disposable particulat respirators www.cleantop.kr
Dabinwatec Co., Ltd. Steam Sterilization Water Purifier www.dabinwatec.co.kr
Endam E&C Bus station platform
T-ONE membrane structure
HTNS export and import management www.htns.com
Seo Woo Co., Ltd. textile
Duckyun Shoes
Clean & Green KOREA Health mask www.cngkorea.kr
Ylangart Co. Folk painting Handkerchief www.ylangart.com
lashevankorea male underwear www.lashevan.com
JU&BO.,CO.,LTd PVF membrane structure www.juandbo.com
Reliance Co.,Ltd Mask www.babicody.kr
ETI Ltd. guard rail
SMART TECH Co. Ltd. Mask
cremant Co., Ltd MASK
Winners International Co., Ltd. Personal Protective Equipment
Hoshin Textile. co 폴리에스테르 직조 직물
KOREA SOLUTION Co., Ltd. Health mask
SUNGWOON INNOVATION CO.,LTD Dental mask www.swkr.co.kr

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