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Metal windows


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Metal windows

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Company Name Wonjin Aluminium Co., Ltd.
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Certification Info ISO9001 curtainwall patent
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Innovative design and engineering - curtain wall

Our productions is a professional leader in design, manufacture and install architectural envelopes, including aluminium glass curtain walls, windows, door systems ., etc for domestic and international markets. we have full commitment from concept through to completion delivering the project on time and budget. Our productions developed to provide a specialist service in the design, manufacture and installation of glazed structures comprising glass facades, rooflights, canopies, bridges, balustrades and bespoke projects. Our designs are produced using tried and proven details developed by our own in-house engineers. Attention to detail and pride in our work enable to offer a service which is second to none.

We will work with you to find the right system to meet your design's aesthetics and performance.

Products List:
* Aluminium glass curtain walls
* Bolted glazing systems
* Glass windows and doors
* Glass rooflights and canopies
* Glass Balustrades etc
* Designed fense & rail
* Photovoltaic power generation
* High Performance Glass Solutions for Day lighting and Energy Efficiency
* Metal Panel Integrations with complex curtain wall applications

Glass Curtain Wall System:
* Frame Supported Glass Curtain Wall
* Unitized Glass Curtain Wall
* Point Supported and Cable Tension Curtain Wall
* Full Glass Curtain Wall
* Double Skin Glass Curtain Wall
* Photovoltaic Curtain Wall

Frame Supported Glass Curtain Wall lists.
* Exposed Frame Curtain Wall
* Hidden Frame Curtain Wall
* Semi-hidden Frame Curtain Wall
* All Glass Curtain Wall

Why choose our production?

1. Designed team will provide you the professional design, fabrication and installation solution

2. Our company has more than 50,000 square meters factory area and 30 years of curtain wall experience . our annual production capacity is 500,000 square meter. The extensive capabilities of our company can guarantee the date of delivery

3. Our company located in jeonju nearby port. Such location is very convenient for prompt oversea delivery, shortening the delivery time, making sure that all our steps can meet the project process. All our finished products will be packed in custom designed steel racks for oversea delivery and each panel will be placed in order for easy site for installation.

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