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Self adhesive signs


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Self adhesive signs

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Company Name Daedong Safety Co., Ltd.
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Certification Info 신제품인증(nep) 특허 조달우수제품

Adhesive tape system for marking roads.

1. Product Overview - pre-formed road marking tape system for marking roads makes designs such as words, signals, crosswalks, and speed bumps allowing drivers to see directions and safety regulations. This is a new product based on an environmentally friendly construction method that makes designs such as symbols, crosswalks, and speed humps into a product and puts them in a place and heats so that they could be attached on the road.

2. Features - This is a new product that does not require any special equipment except a propane torch and is free from breakage or cracks.
- This can be made in a variety of designs and colors depending require of consumers and has retro-reflection effect at night even if there is a worn-out part since there are 30% of glass beads in the product.
- It is very effective in case of installing it in a place that requires visibility such as regular traffic lines, crosswalk signs, speed limit signs, no parking and no stopping signs, and children protection zones.

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