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Water treatment equipment using galvanic corrosion


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Water treatment equipment using galvanic corrosion

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Company Name IOREX Co., Ltd.
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IOREX, is a water treatment system by water ionization can prevent or remove rust and scale in pipelines simply by installing it in any water pipe, for clean and efficient maintenance. Iorex is an economical and environment-friendly water treatment system using the flow of water as its source of power, a physical and positive method.
Size by pipe diameter:15mm~600mm
-Convenient: easy installation, short-term water outage and traffic control
-Safety: uses carbon, a highly body-friendly material to maximize safety
-Eco-friendly: no power, no chemicals
-Economical: One time installation for semi-permanent use
-Practical: No drop in water pressure and appropriate to control water quality both in Korea and globally

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