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Lighting trucks


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Lighting trucks

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The “vehicle movement type LED tower lighting vehicle system product” produced by Astronic LS Co., Ltd. is a specially manufactured vehicle with a hydraulic rotary plate, hydraulic lift, power generation system, high-power LED lighting system, LED display system, image control system, and camera shooting. The system was equipped with a wireless WiBro network system.

The specifications of the product are specially designed for 2.5-ton, 3.5-ton, and 5-ton vehicles and to be used in urban areas and natural ecological areas.
In particular, this product is used in various eco-friendly disaster safety fields and national defense fields that directly produce and use electricity with a power generation system mounted inside a vehicle without external electricity supply.

The scope of application of this product has recently been extended to disaster and safety accident sites (earthquake, fire, collapse site, explosion site, automobile accident site, airport emergency) caused by global warming and climate change, military base dispatch site, broadcasting site, and construction site. Innovative products used.

ASTRONIX LS Company developed it for the first time in the world and possesses the original technology. It has been designated as a disaster safety product by the Korean government procurement agency and a global procurement product by the Ministry of National Defense, and is exclusively procured and supplied to overseas public institutions.

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